Surf rock alive and well in Vermont: Catchin’ the wave with new releases by the High Breaks and the Wet Ones!

“Sonically speaking, the 16-minute EP — also the film soundtrack — delivers a potent blast of surf rock with punk attitude and metal might, with tight musicianship steering the proceedings. In short, it whets the whistle for more from this promising new presence on the Burlington music scene.” - Tom Huntington, The Rutland Herald

Album Review in Seven Days

“This is a fiercely original outfit even in the confines of a beloved but sometimes rigid genre. Especially for an instrumental band, that's saying a lot.”

Album Review in County Tracks

“Surf-rock is a genre sometimes thought of has having strict parameters, but The High Breaks and The Wet Ones both prove you can push it to all sorts of strange places – like the landlocked state of Vermont.”

Album Review in Seven Days

“Despite the sunny glamour of it all, surf music has never strayed that far from the primal urgency of punk, and Tombstoning hews closely to those roots. The riffs are delightfully dirty, and the arrangements are tight. Everything is duly cranked to 11 throughout, especially that sweet, sweet reverb.”

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